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20x10 Wooden Workshop Shed - Installation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

site for wooden workshop doncasterWe spoke last week about our pleasure at installing a pressure treated wooden shed in Doncaster and our installation teams were hoping for more so they get home a little earlier than usual and then we got one of our huge workshops bought in that same week in Doncaster. So we thought we would write another blog on this building as it is our biggest wooden shed that we offer and we also love the before and after pictures of this building as it’s a bit of a monster.

base for wooden workshopSo the story behind this building is that the customer firstly wanted a log cabin but was desperate for the building as soon as possible and decided to go for the wooden workshop over the log cabin because the wait time for the building wasn’t as long. The customer wanted the wooden workshop so they could have an home gym and kit it out with all the gym equipment they need, now considering the size is a whopping 6m x 3m there is plenty of room to put your favourite gym equipment in there and train to your heart’s content.

halfway through wooden workshopSo let’s take a look at the building. As I stated already, this is the biggest wooden shed we do, in fact it’s so big and so well made we actually call it a wooden workshop given the sheer size and quality of the building. Let’s first talk about the upgrades and what the customer bought to go with this building because there are some very important additions that I always feel is well worth the small additional cost. The customer firstly bought the extra strength floor support pack. I recommend these packs for all buildings because it doubles the bearers that the shed floor sits and technically doubles the strength of the floor. Which is an absolute must if you are using this for a gym as there will be added weight in the shed and possibly high impact moving around and it will be really beneficial for the shed as this will help strengthen and protect the building.


Then the customer upgraded to the superior duty felt. There is nothing wrong with the original felt that comes with this building but by upgrading to superior duty felt you are guaranteeing extra years of service out of the shed felt. If you have any experience of felt in the past you will be aware your felt will need replacing long before your shed will so by upgrading to the superior you will get more years out of the shed felt. The customer also opted for the ground base provided by Timberdise Garden Buildings. Our bases are fantastic and specially designed for our buildings. Firstly they are solid and flat which is important for the shed but secondly and just as importantly they take the wooden shed away from the ground.

halfway through wooden workshopBy doing this it will stop moisture transfer from the ground to the building which is one of the main causes in premature rotting. Also, by lifting the building away from the ground it will allow ventilation under the building which again stops moisture build up under the floor which further prevents premature rotting.

The building is made from shiplap which is a form of tongue and grooved cladding. It is tongue and groove cladding throughout the building which means not only the walls that are tongue and grooved but also the floors and the roof. It makes the building rigid, strong and robust to stand up to the elements as well as giving it a great look and feel inside the building.

completed wooden workshop installationThe building was a pleasure to build and it took the team a day and a half to complete, we were really happy with the before and after pictures and we are sure you will be too.

For more information about this or any other of our wooden garden buildings or our installation service please feel free to contact us at or call us on 01302 811838.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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