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The Zen Log Cabin - Installation in Tadcaster near York

Ah, the Zen log cabin. For those customers who can’t make their mind up if they want a shed or a log cabin so end up getting both. This is probably our most popular log cabin, we sell more of these than probably all of our other log cabins and this is purely because we think you get the best of both worlds – a superb little log cabin with the a shed attached, but this is not just any shed, it’s a log cabin shed.

Before we talk about the cabin, I like to give you a little background of what the customer bought the cabin for to give you ideas if you’re thinking about what you could use yours for. This was a really interesting sale as the customer who bought this cabin trained professional cyclists and so would be using this cabin to put in his specialist training bikes in there complete with all other apparatus he needed. Customer was putting some office equipment in there with a desk but then had the optional extra of the log cabin shed which is cleverly built into the side. We did a lot of discussion before the customer bought the cabin as to whether the floor of the building would be strong enough for his equipment once complete. It is safe to say that the customer was more than happy with the strength of the floor once the log cabin had been completely installed.

So, let’s look a little bit more at the building. The customer opted for the superior roofing felt, this is a really good option as they will get a much longer life span from the superior roofing felt opposed to the standard felt in which the cabin is supplied. To add the ultimate roof covering to the building we recommend the roofing shingles which we also offer on all our cabins. The walls of this cabin come as a standard 28mm which are nice and thick to add good insulation to the building which makes them suitable for use throughout the year. With the Zen log cabin, you can also choose to upgrade the windows to double glazing. The log cabin will come with single glazing as standard but if required you can upgrade to double glazing throughout the log cabin if you require. This customer did upgrade to the double glazing throughout the log cabin and there was an additional cost of £300 to do this.

The roof of the log cabin is made using tongue and groove boarding and the floor is also made from tongue and groove boards. This gives great rigidity and support to the building throughout the years whatever the weather. The roof is strong enough for our installers to walk on it to lay the roof covering without any need for extra support bearers and the floor feels really solid under foot.

Both doors come with a proper mortice lock and key for great security for your new log cabin. The key to success for these log cabins or any log cabins for that matter is to ensure you treat these buildings inside and out every 12 months. We recommend a good waterproof spirit-based paint that will really aid in getting the maximum amount of years out of these buildings.

Don’t forget our log cabins can be used for all kinds of things from home offices to beauty salons or in this customers case a room to train professional athletes. Maybe you want your new log cabin to just be an extra room where you can escape the norm a drift off into your own little bliss. Whatever the reason you purchase your new log cabin you should be safe in the knowledge that these buildings are fantastic for use 12 months of the year.

For more information about this or any other of our log cabins please feel free to contact us on 01302 811838 or at

The picture shows the log cabin in its full glory in Tadcaster near York, maybe next time it will be your garden where we build your dream cabin.

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