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Transform Your Garden With A Beautiful Arbour

Arbours have become increasingly popular in recent years as space-saving alternatives to pergolas or gazebos. Since arbours can take many forms, they’re often confused with these structures. However, it’s important to note that they are much smaller, as well as being different in their design. Arbours come in various sizes, making them equally ideal for large gardens as well as more restricted spaces.

arbourThe perfect place to relax

An arbour won’t just add aesthetic appeal to your garden; it can also provide you with a peaceful place to relax all year round. Whether you install it in a sunny spot or a shady corner, you’ll have the ideal location to unwind and enjoy spending time in the fresh air. Whether you’re reading a book, chatting with a friend, or enjoying a cuppa, an arbour is the perfect garden seating on which to do it.

Location, location, location

Don’t underestimate the importance of location when you install an arbour in your garden. Whilst you should do your best to choose a sunny spot if your garden allows it, you should also consider the plants already growing there. You should ensure that they can still survive despite the extra shade that the arbour may cast. Take wind direction into account when deciding where to place your arbour. If possible, choose a spot where you can place the arbour with its back to the wind. This will give you protection from the gusty weather.

garden arbourCreative arbour ideas

Why not get creative with the location of your arbour? You could create a garden arbour path, placing the structure over a simple stepping stone path to create an inviting entrance. An arbour overflowing with colourful blooms is the perfect way to welcome guests to your garden.

Another great idea is to dress up a picket fence with a garden arbour. Place the structure over a gate within the fencing to give it a more eye-catching, sophisticated look. Trailing vines up the side will add texture and enchantment. Arbours are very versatile and there are many different ways in which they can bring your garden to life.

Arbours are an easy and affordable way to add function and style to your garden or yard. Whether standing alone or adorned with flowers or climbing vines, these stunning outdoor structures can add a wonderful focal point to outside space.

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