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Aftercare for Log Cabins, Garden Rooms, Summerhouses & Playhouses

Aftercare and maintenance information

All of our buildings are dip treated, once installed they will need treating as soon as possible and on an annual basis in order to receive the 10 year anti rot guarantee.

Log Cabin, Wooden Shed, Playhouse & Summerhouse Maintenance

The life of your wooden garden shed, playhouse or summerhouse will be prolonged by regular on-going maintenance and timely repairs.

Simple Maintenance Tips:

Although your garden shed, playhouse or summerhouse will be delivered with a factory applied base coat, you must ensure that it is treated both externally and internally as soon possible.

  • Use high quality treatment or stain, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Re-apply treatment or stain to areas affected most by the weather when required.
  • Check for rain damage and water ingress.
  • Check and replace any damaged roofing felt without delay.


Once your garden shed, playhouse or summerhouse has been installed it will need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent the timber from deteriorating. Treat the outside of your Garden Shed or Summerhouse with a high quality timber treatment or wood stain, this will need to be repeated at not less than annual intervals.

Some areas more exposed to, and likely to be most affected by, the weather may need recoating on a regular basis – i.e. fascia boards or overhangs where the rain runs off and corner joints.

Natural Shrinkage

The timber used in the construction of your garden shed, playhouse or summerhouse will have retained some of its natural moisture content. The moisture content of the timber will vary, depending upon prevailing environmental conditions, which will result in the boards either expanding or contracting naturally. As the boards dry out further shrinkage may occur.

As wood is a natural product it is also likely you may notice small splits and cracks in some components or holes may appear where knots shrink and fall out these can be filled using a suitable flexible wood filler, this will not affect the structure of your Garden Shed or Summerhouse.


The Styrene glazed windows and doors are not sealed for delivery or as part of the installation. Glazing panels will be covered with a protective film which should be removed only after the building has been treated or stained.

The film can be cut by running a sharp blade around the window frame and then peeling the film away from the Styrene.

Further Info

  • Check the roof annually for tears and splits caused by weathering, bird droppings or fallen debris. If you notice any possible damage, repair immediately using suitable roofing repair such as felt repair adhesives.
  • In the winter leaves and debris may accumulate between the base and shed floor. Clear this regularly to maintain airflow under the building to avoid damp.
  • Replace any timbers or floor panels that may become damaged over time.

Wood – A natural product

Wood will naturally decay unless it is protected and the “as supplied” finish is not the “final” finish required by the product.

Wood is also not 100% waterproof, it will absorb water during period of wet/damp weather. Wood that is predominantly wet will be more susceptible to rot and mould. It will also expand when it gets wet, the water is held between the fibres and absorbing water also increases both the size and weight of the wood. This is a natural occurrence, not a defect, however it can cause issue with fitting parts.

To help prevent premature failures, such as splitting and twisting in hot and dry period of weather, the wood needs moisture and protection locking into each piece. To waterproof a garden building and prevent rot and decay, preservative needs to be present within the fibres. All of this can only be achieved by treating the building.

Please see below for lead times on buildings:

Garden Rooms - 8 to 10 weeks
Economy Cabins - 4 to 8 weeks for most economy cabins but please contact us if you require a more exact lead time
Premium Cabins - Currently Unavailable
All other buildings - Currently Unavailable

Due to increased demand and supply delays some buildings remain 'out of stock' for the foreseeable future, for further information please contact us or send us an email to be placed on the priority waiting list!
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